5 Customer Types You Need To Understand

Customers as we know are the lifeblood of every business. The existence of every business is based on its customer base. Well the reason is pretty simple; who would your business provide sales and services to? I know you sure got it now. Understanding customers is a tough task; let me help you start with understanding a few general customer types.

5 Customer Types You Need To Understand

1. Regular Customer

Yes, these are the ones who come back to you on a consistent basis. I feel each and every business has at least one regular customer. Regular customers tend to have a regular need, they are easy to predict. We can call them as the business’ bread and butter clientele. They are the ones who would most likely recommend your business to others, so keep them happy always.

2. Hands-off Customer

Offering service to this category of customer is often very easy. The hands-off customer are the ones who are looking for something specific; they know what they want and what it should cost, and have come to a particular place looking for it. These sets of customers have done their homework pretty well, they are almost through their buyer’s journey. They do not really need hands-on customer service.

3. Un-Pleasable Customer

Like the name suggest, this category is the difficult ones to handle. You can have a tough time with them as they are eternal complainers, and pleasing them is totally impossible. They demand extra and exclusive attention, the ones who always prefer to talk to the manager or supervisor. Handle them with care; as if you fail, they won’t hesitate to complain about you to the outside world.

4. Window Shopper

Window shoppers are quite common; they are the ones who might not be looking for anything particular, but just browsing around. These come in two general categories, one is the researcher who is looking for something but is not sure what and the other category is the browser they are just looking with no intention to buy.

5. Unicorn

These are the ones who drop in regularly, flow positivity about your establishment, and keep on talking good things about your business at just any time. They are the ones every business strives to reach as they are perfect and fit the ideal customer category. Well, sadly we know Unicorns are mythical and don’t exist in real time. But even though they are a target for every business, hence an important category.

Understanding customers is important for a business to learn, to grow in the right direction. It is the key to meet your customer expectations, train your staff and develop better communication strategies to deal with particular elements of their customer base.

It is important to understand different types of customers before you formulate any strategy. We at iSN Global Solutions make it easy.