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How To Balance Between Being A Mother And Career Woman.

Good jobs and nice families is the dream of most girls. Some women are living their dreams. There are very many successful women with Having a stable family meaning having to bring up babies as well as maintaining relevance in their career. Few ladies have managed to balance the two tasks appropriately. This makes it quite hard for most ladies to keep up with the career development of the men.

Managing the two is something that can be done. Changing or altering a career path might help a lady to have a family. Ladies should know what they will be doing and at what time of their careers. Following this, the lady will know the right time to give birth. At this point her career will be safe. A lady can decide on what to do next with her career after giving birth. Remaining at a certain position usually means that, the mother now, can have a stable life with no financial struggles.

Secondly, delaying giving birth until a reasonable date is also a way of balancing between career and giving birth. A woman can decide to forfeit having children to a later date when she will be at the peak of their career. responsibilities could now be shifted from advancements career wise to having children. Having children at this point is advisable for the obvious reasons. The main disadvantage here is the onset of menopause.The so called biological clock is always ticking and when a certain age is reached giving birth becomes impossible, or when it happens, children are born with abnormalities. Viable eggs can be kept frozen by a lady for future requirements in case of slowed egg development sets in a woman.

Starting a business is another way of trying to balance between careers and having a family. A fully established business premises with good cash flow is a good starter to have a child or children. Such a business can be managed in the absence of the owner for some time. Soon after giving birth, the mother, who is the owner can come back and take full control of their business. Being the boss means you can do anything you want.

Seeking help is another possible way to maintain a balance between motherhood and career hood. Either friends or relatives can provide the much-needed help. Childcare facilities are always there in case their services are urgently needed. Sometimes, the person hired is responsible for helping out in other areas of the house other than providing direct help with the child. Guilt associated with decisions made during the motherhood period is common among many mothers. Mothers usually will feel like she is not there for her child and at the same time feels like she has to go out there and look for money. A mother should, therefore, trust her instincts and believe in the decisions that she makes irrespective.